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What is The Acquisition Room?

The Acquisition Room mobile application is a platform engineered for the efficient and effective private purchase and/or sale of important assets and items. It is an essential platform for an owner/collector who wishes to present assets for sale whilst keeping total control over who they are offered to and for how long.

What makes The Acquisition Room unique?

The fact that buyers only gain access to each purchasing opportunity by invitation. The consignors decide who shall have access to their listing/room.

How does the app work for Buyers?

When a buyer is invited to use the app by a consignor, they will receive an email with their access code and a link to download the app. Once they have opened the app and put in their access code they will automatically enter the listing/room to which they have been invited.

How does the app work for Consignors?

Consignors have the ability to launch, manage and monitor their own listings/rooms. Should you be interested in using the app as a consignor please contact us via our website.

What are the fees to use The Acquisition Room?

Buyers pay no fees for purchases other than the extra charges inherent in whatever item is for sale, such as VAT, customs payments, ARR, or any other taxes or logistical costs associated with the purchase.

Consignors pay 5% of the final purchase price on any successful sale.

Can I ask to be invited to The Acquisition Room?

Yes, if you are not known by any consignors using the app and don’t want to miss out on purchasing opportunities, please feel free to email us with your specific areas of interest. Should these align with anything on offer then the consignor will be notified and will consider whether to offer you an invitation.

Is there a desktop version of The Acquisition Room available?

No, it is solely a mobile application and is geared towards those whose life is on the move. We are working on a desktop version which will act as a support for the mobile application in due course.

Any questions?

If anything about the process is unclear, please feel free to contact with any questions.

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